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We can all see the light at the tunnel! With Ontario's Covid-19 cases dropping the Provincial Government is slowly loosening restrictions. Due to the nature of our program and the unique health issues that our clients deal with on a daily basis, we most likely be permitted to increase our daily in person attendance in September 2021.  In saying that we are in the process of getting prepared for the big day of returning to life post Covid-19. 

Message from the Founder/Executive Director Francie Trajkovski

As a privately owned organization who is responsible for the health and safety of my staff and clients, I will be placing the following policies/guidelines for returning and new clients and staff.  

  1. All existing staff, future staff and volunteers must have proof of being fully vaccinated. 

  2. All returning and new clients must have proof of being fully vaccinated or proof of a second dose appointment prior to attending in person.  

  3. NO ONE other than staff and clients will be not permitted to enter the building without proof of a second dose. This includes Assessments and or facility tours.   

Your cooperation in abiding to all our safety procedures will be appreciated. If your son/daughter/sibling is unwilling to obtain two does of the any Covid-19 vaccines, your will not be permitted to join Tania's Place in any capacity.  If we are all truly in this together, then lets vaccine together. I will respect a persons personal choice to not get vaccinated, however, until you are fully vaccinated Tania's Place is not prepared to take that risk.

Due to guidelines and regulations we are limited to 10 in person participants. We are offering Zoom programs 5 days a week, so if your interested please contact us at info@taniasplace.com 

The Benefits of being part of the Tania's Place family

The benefits of Tania's Place are many but the most important one because of the founders personal experiences, she can be "REAL", compassionate and have a true understanding of our what our families have to deal with and live with.  Francie Trajkovski is in this for the right reasons...... the development of  special needs community.


  • Structured programs that will stimulate our children's minds, bodies and souls
  • Enable our clients to improve their "real life skills" at home and in their community
  •  Family owned and operated
  • Clients are treated as individuals and part of the family
  • Strong community support from all Community Living Associations, Autism Society of both Ontario and Durham, Kerry's Place, Resources for Exceptional Children and both Boards of Education in Durham.
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